What’s Next in Talent Acquisition Technology: An Interview with Ganesh Iyer, Founder of Dotin, Inc.

January 15, 2021

For three years now, HR TechXpo has been steadily growing—as our community continues to look for new ways to solve human problems with technology. With live demos and hands-on opportunities to explore systems, HR professionals explore technology from early stage startups to enterprise-sized providers. I, for one, always have fun finding innovative solutions poised to impact the workplace, all in this low-pressure setting.

Leading up to this exciting day-long event, we held the third annual Pitch Competition for our audience to discover the hottest technology solutions affecting today’s workplace. One of the solutions that not only competed in the Pitch Competition, but also exhibited at the HR Techpo, was a new solution called Dotin.

I spoke with Ganesh Iyer, Founder of Dotin, Inc, recently, asking him about talent acquisition, culture, and more…

Greg: “This year the hot category amongst many of the pitch competition contestants was talent acquisition. We saw many innovative applications of a.i. and incredible approaches—such as by this year’s Pitch Competition winner, Scoutible—where candidates play video games to be evaluated for fit. Amidst all the noise in this space, how is Dotin differentiated?”

Ganesh: “We are differentiated in a couple of ways. First off, the area we have been working on for five years—with the help of data scientists, mathematicians and psychologists—is something very green field. We have been looking at how to identify the core motivations of users as they align to the right job opportunities. We uncover motivations by understanding the subconscious influences that govern a talent’s decision-making process. Why look at the subconscious? The reason is that 90% of every human’s decision is governed by their subconscious mind. Our second key differentiator is that it takes just a couple of seconds (vs. many minutes for the others) for us to come back with core motivations/personalities and business outcomes.”

Greg: “These days culture is also a hot topic for many human resources professionals. How does Dotin approach culture and cultural fit?”

Ganesh: “We consider culture to be the most important factor for any company to succeed. We strongly feel that cultural fit as a prescreening technique not only makes hiring very effective, but also helps in talent retention. Also, it is important to create a framework to remove subjectivity from the process and have this done in a cost-effective, frictionless and scalable fashion.”

Greg: “In addition to recruiting, what are other ways that HR departments utilize your application?”

Ganesh: “There are many applications for Dotin solution beyond just human resources. Some examples include deep customer segmentation and personalization, Fintech, Insurancetech, warm sales lead generation, and health and wellness, to name few.”

If you missed Dotin at HR TechXpo this year, you can check them out here at Dotin.us. In the meantime, watch your emails for news about the 2019 HR TechXpo events that will take place in both San Francisco and Seattle.

If you’d like to comment or have further questions for Ganesh Iyer (or me), I welcome you to post (below), tweet me @GregJMorton or comment on LinkedIn (using #CEOCorner).


Greg Morton is a corporate strategy and growth development specialist and Chief Executive Officer of Next Concept HR Association.

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