Top 5 Global Payroll Considerations for 2019

June 5, 2020

Contributed by Blue Marble Payroll – HR TechXpo Presenter –

Global payroll gets more complicated each year – GDPR changes in the EU have only added to the confusion. As more countries begin rolling out new compliance regulations, here are the top 5 things you can do to improve your global payroll operations in 2019.

  1. Technology: So much has changed in the global landscape over the last several years, and technology is one easy way to simplify your global payroll and compliance. Look for cloud-based solutions that offer reporting and integration capabilities to help your global teams manage operations.
  2. Reporting: Managing global operations requires access to data – if you can’t see the numbers in real-time, how can you make decisions or improvements? Global payroll reporting is often done manually, with no consistency between countries. Make sure your provider offers aggregated reporting so you can see your costs across all countries.
  3. Integration: If you are using global solutions for payroll, HR, time and attendance, or expense management, things can get complicated pretty quickly. One easy way to simplify operations is to find a global payroll solution that integrates with other systems like HR or Time and Attendance. Once your systems are working together and talking to each other, you get more insight into your global operations and can quickly make adjustments if something is not working for you.
  4. In-Country Experts: If you are managing payroll in multiple countries, there will come a time when you need to speak with someone in-country to handle a compliance or payroll issue. Do you have access to in-country experts who can answer questions quickly? You can face penalties and fines for not paying overseas employees accurately, so find out if you have access to your local provider to help when questions come up.
  5. Consulting Services: Companies often stumble when expanding into new markets. Even if you have operations in multiple countries, each country is different. A global consultant can be a lifesaver when expanding or trying to optimize current operations. They can set up business entities, draft employment contracts, ensure compliance with local labor laws and regulations, and help with legal matters. You can enhance your current operations or expand into new countries and not have to worry about compliance issues down the road.

Take a step back to evaluate your current global operations or plans for a potential expansion – just a few improvements can make a huge difference in the bottom line. As more countries make changes to laws and regulations each year, it is more important than ever to ensure your global payroll is under control.

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