4 Ways HR Leaders Can Build Resilience in Themselves & Others

Contributed by Judy Dang, Principal of Avid At Work, HR West 2020 Speaker Over three weeks have passed since HR West 2020, the human resources industry conference that has been shaping the future of HR together with the HR leaders and HR community.  Good grief, how the world has changed since the week of March 9th, 2020! So […]

Lessons from the Winningest Team

Contributed by Judy Dang HR West 2020 Speaker In my house, March is a big month. March Madness, what else? My husband is a huge fan. I get a kick out of watching a few games with him on TV. We even contemplated going to Las Vegas next week for the West Coast Conference. For […]

Leaderful Listening

How can you master leaderful listening? By Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC* In leadership training, participants are typically told how important listening is. Yet few heed the advice. I can understand why. Often, it’s because we already think we are good listeners. But how a leader listens is more crucial than one’s listening style as a […]