5 practical ways to unleash your staff’s true potential before they leave

By Prem Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder of Humanly, HR TechXpo Seattle Presenter. As leaders we’ve all had nagging nightmares about losing our top people – whether it’s HR execs ritualistically reviewing voluntary exit data, CEOs hearing rumor that their VP of engineering is “looking,” or mid-level managers stressing about a sudden lack of engagement from […]

The Big Connection: Learning and Performance

By Hawley Kane   For many companies, learning exists on a lonely little island in the midst of bigger business outcomes. Cut off from the impact learning has on the business, the ostracized learning function putters on, tallying course completions and course grades. In these organizations, learning is just learning. Nothing more. But wait! There’s […]

Hotline Hangups: HR Tech Makes Anonymous Reporting More Accessible!

By Jessica Collier – CEO, Spot HR TechXpo San Francisco, Presenter When it comes to preventing harassment and discrimination at work, the times (and the laws) are changing. Employees expect company leadership to ensure a safe, inclusive workplace, and executives feel positive pressure to build trust and retain top talent. New legislation is catching up […]