Chris Dyer, CEO, PeopleG2

Chris Dyer founded PeopleG2 in 2001 with a singular goal to make his vision for excellence in human capital due diligence services a reality. A recognized authority on human capital intelligence processes and best practices, he understands the complex challenges inherent to talent management decisions.

Forbes shared Chris’ insight with readers in the article, “The 10 Dos and Don’ts of Conducting Employee Background Checks” and other publications have followed suit by publishing articles that have included Chris' insights. As an expert on the unique challenges associated with due diligence services, Chris educates business leaders and organizations on best practices by speaking to groups on an ongoing basis.

Chris has built an award-winning culture in his own company. His passion for engagement and the success that comes about by having engaged employees is something that not only drives him, but overflows into those that hear him speak. He provides real examples that helps attendees know that all organizations can exude award winning cultures as well!

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