Science Reveals How to Succeed With New Year’s Resolutions

As we wind down 2018 and look forward to the New Year, you may be part of the 40-50% of Americans making New Year’s resolutions. According to research, the most popular goals relate to weight loss, smoking cessation, and exercise. Let’s look at what makes for successful resolutions and the tools to impact lasting behavior change. […]

Thank God It’s Monday!

Contributed by Judy Dang, HR West 2019 Speaker. How many of us can’t wait for the weekend?  When we can finally be freed from the shackles so we can do what we really want! Relax, go out, enjoy hobbies. Work is something unpleasant we have to do before we have fun, right? Maybe not. Finding Flow by renowned psychologist Mihaly […]

Overcome Fear of Forgetting

By HR West 2019 speaker, Judy Dang. Imagine it’s your wedding day. You’re putting the final touches on your outfit and straightening your hair. Then a flash of realization: you forgot to make an appointment at the registrar’s office. What do you do?! This happened to a groom in 2013. His response? Stage a hoax bomb […]