Outsourcing HR Reaps Benefits for Small Business

Small businesses are trying their best to stay afloat with all the huge necessary expenses binding their hand and feet. That is why, so many business owners are looking for ways to cut expenses and save some money for the sake of their business.

There were times when outsourcing was an option only available for big companies. However, things have changed a lot, and today many small businesses see outsourcing as a way to save some funds in the shrinking budget.

One of the primary focuses of outsourcing has always been HR department including payroll management, employees’ compensation assistance, recruitment and retention, benefits management, tax and compliance, time and labor, etc.

Why is it a good choice for you? Well, there are many reasons you should opt for this solution. So, meet our list!

Reasons to outsource HR services:

  1. It saves time of your employees.
    Most small businesses are trying to reduce costs by giving their current employees some of the tasks they have no dedicated worker for.  Thus, HR’s responsibilities might fall on the shoulders of employees you would rather have focused on some more important assignments. However, since you need HR assistance and your employees cannot say “No” to you because “You’ve got the power,” they are stuck juggling the duties. Outsourcing a real HR professional would be of much help, as your workers will get a chance to do what their job description suggested the would do instead of dealing with lots of irrelevant tasks. In the meantime, you should know that around 31% of people admit to wasting around 30 minutes at work along with the same amount of people wasting around an hour, so giving them another thing to be distracted with is not good efficiency-wise.
  2. It helps your company to stay focused.
    Again, not having to deal with tons of assignments normally managed by HR specialists, your employees will not lose focus and, therefore, achieve more in less time. These days all employees struggle with short attention span of employees. Some combat this issue with setting the “gadget-free” desk policy while others enable charges for low productivity of the employees. Statistically speaking, “businesses might lose more than $10 million a year — or more than $10,000 per employee — thanks to distractions and poorly designed technology. Of the 515 people who took the survey, 45 percent reported working interruption-free for 15 minutes at a time, or less.” Most distractions take place in between the task change. You switch from one task to another and suddenly find yourself involved in doing something else.  So, if you want to prevent distractions at workplace and have your employees focused at all times, outsource an HR for this matter.
  3. It saves you much money.
    You can run your business even on the shoestring budget as long as you have a good plan. BY outsourcing the HR, you will be able to cut costs here to invest them elsewhere (like healthcare issues for the office workers). At least that is the strategy many small businesses opt for these days.
  4. You can find great talents.
    To get a high-profile specialist to join your team will cost a lot of money. However, you can take advantage of outsourcing him even for some time to get the same benefits and vision thanks to his talent and save money having only to pay for his services for as long as you use them.
  5. This will boost your company’s efficiency.
    Having some positions unfilled affects the general efficiency of your company. As your company grows and conquers the market, you will need more people to perform different tasks for your business. That is why, you should do everything you can to get a professional HR to fill in these positions for you. More people means better performance (at least it is supposed to be so).
  6. It gives you a chance to hire a competitive fit.
    People that are involved in outsource have to stay tuned to the latest changes in the market. They strive to be as topical as possible which means that your company will get a brilliant employee. This person will be familiar with the compliance, so no big surprises for you.

Running a business does not have to be a brain surgery, but in most cases it is. That is why, whenever you have a chance to simplify the process and cut the expenses, you should go for it. Using the services provided by 3rd parties for HR support is one of such ways which reap many different benefits you cannot ignore. There is no point in being a die-hard when simpler options exist.


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Charles Ebert is a career mentor, motivational speaker and human resources consultant with over 10 years of experience in HR sector. Charles is a lead expert at Professional Resume Solutions. Apart from career mentoring, he loves photography and football. Find him on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.






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