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June 5, 2020

Contributed by David Kovacovich, HR West 2018 Speaker

Having been in the Human Capital Management business for a decade, I can confirm that the chase the Golden Ticket to engagement remains ever-elusive. While technology, total rewards packages and methods for content delivery evolve; there is no single source solution to address every engagement point.

HR professionals have taken the leadership reins in the fight for authenticity. Having experienced decades of band aid application upon the engagement wound, we are all aware that we cannot pretend that any two organizations are perfectly alike. What we do know is that employee engagement has given way to Employee Experience! While we understand that pay, perks and methods for career advancement are qualifiers; amplifying the employee experience relies heavily upon celebrating the moments-in-between career milestones.

Many of our employees have personal brands more noticeable than those of our organization. Employees are searching for ways to express themselves personally within our company cultures. It comes down to reciprocity: what we offer our employees will come back to us…. Good for good and bad for bad.

At the center of employee experience is your organization’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP). A company’s EVP may encompass everything from product offerings to employee benefits. People may love working at a company because the mission is centralized to their personal beliefs. There are those who love their work because of the comradery shared with co-workers. Some employees are simply driven to compete in the Global marketplace.

There is a simple question to be posed when introducing your employee value proposition:

When the baseline work is complete, what will inspire your employees to dedicate their discretionary effort to do a little bit more for the organization?

Human Resource Professionals are the lifeblood of the offerings that make the organization authentic. By networking with your peers at HR West, you will get a feel for what companies are placing in front of candidates and employees alike to attract, retain and engage their workforce.

… which begs a secondary question:

Why Would the Bay Area’s Finest Talent Want to Work for your Company?    

During our session on building an employee value proposition we will tap into the questions at hand. You’ll leave the session with the wheels spinning, inspired to realize all of the things that make your organization perfectly its own.

Join us on March 7th @ 10:05am for our session on Building an Employee Value Proposition where you will workshop your Employee Value Proposition with your peers and leave with a game plan for promoting your EVP within your workforce.

See You at HR West!

~ Dave Kovacovich

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