Member Spotlight: Brandie Van Vliet, PHR

August 10, 2022

The September 2019 Next Concept HR Association Member Spotlight is on…
Brandie Van Vliet, PHR
Human Resources Generalist
G2 Integrated Solutions
Social Media Chair, San Francisco Regional Board, NCHRA


  1. What led you to Human Resources as a profession?

    The ‘human’ side of human resources is what intrigued me about a career in HR. I have always been curious about people’s stories and personalities and how different people work together, so it seemed like a natural direction for me to take. Additionally, I have always gravitated toward service roles and I believe HR is the ultimate service role as we get to help others every day whether it be supporting an employee through a personal issue or making sure they have the right tools to perform their job. Also, the variety keeps it interesting – there are always new problems to solve!

  2. What do you find is the greatest reward for working in HR? 

    The scope of the positive impact I can bring.  It is satisfying to know that the work I do directly influences the lives of people throughout the company. I love that I get to serve as a confidant and coach alongside my colleagues on their professional journeys – celebrating with them, supporting them in challenging times, and contributing to their overall growth and development.

  3. What role has Next Concept HR Association played in your career? 

    NCHRA has played a very supportive role in my professional development. Being involved in this organization has provided me with the opportunity to earn my PHR certification, attend educational lectures, volunteer at amazing events, and meet new friends. I have come away from every interaction with added value – either a new skill or a great connection. I am grateful to be a part of this community and to call myself a member!

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