Meet HR West 2020 Keynote Torin Perez

May 28, 2023

Who is Keynote Speaker Torin Perez and why you won’t want to miss his closing keynote session at HR West 2020?

HR West 2020 Keynote Speaker

HR West 2020 - Time to Get Real with Performance Management and Rewards!

Torin Perez is a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion consultant on a mission to inspire authenticity and inclusive leadership in the workplace. Since 2015, he has facilitated transformative learning and development experiences and spoken at more than fifty colleges, conferences, organizations, and Fortune 100 companies.

He is the author of Who Am I to Lead? The World Is Waiting for You, and his writing has been featured in leading publications like Wiley’s award-winning Leader to Leader Journal, and IHRIM’s Workforce Solutions Review. A Posse Scholar, StartingBloc Fellow, One Young World Ambassador, Torin is an inaugural class member of the TED Residency, an incubator for breakthrough ideas.

Before starting his own company, Torin was part of an award-winning advertising sales team at Bloomberg LP, where he also co-led the launch of the company’s first Black employee resource group. Recognized by the Head of Diversity & Inclusion for significant contributions to the organization in this capacity, Torin felt moved to inspire inclusion within companies far and wide.

He is a graduate of Lafayette College where he studied Psychology, Economics & Business.

Q&A with Torin Perez

Q: Who is Torin Perez and what perspective will he bring to HR West attendees?

A: I’m a firestarter on a mission to inspire leaders and make a difference.

Q: Why do you think the work of HR professionals goes underappreciated and undervalued? 

A: When business forgets about the role of PEOPLE in business, HR gets forgotten.

Q: How can HR professionals play a role in shaping the future of their workplaces? 

A: Never stop imagining and expanding the ways the people function can make work and life better for everyone. 

Q: Can quieter, less vocal, more reserved HR pros still show up and use their voice to create an impact? 

A: The work of Susan Cain speaks to the power of introverts, and at times, the quietest people among us are the most listened to when they choose to speak.HR West 2020 Keynote Speaker Torin Perez, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion consultant


Catch Torin’s closing keynote session at HR West 2020 on Wednesday afternoon, March 11th,

Find Your Voice, Shape The Future

Too often, the work of HR professionals goes underappreciated and undervalued.

In this playful session featuring dynamic audience participation, Torin will ignite you to remember your value and think even bigger about how you show up and use your voice to create an impact at work.

You will walkway inspired to move your energy and ideas into action.

Join Torin for this closing keynote session and you will:

  • Gain insight into some of the real business outcomes people professionals help achieve in their companies.
  • Engage in self-reflection about who you are and the role you will play in shaping the future of your workplace.
  • Identify at least one matter you are passionate about using your voice for.

Connect with and follow Torin Perez on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About HR West 2020

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