What a difference a year makes! A Holiday Message from Greg Morton

July 7, 2020

Dear Association Community and Friends of Next Concept HR,

As we close out 2018, the expression “What a difference a year makes!” seems apropos. Just one year ago, our members voted to change our name to Next Concept HR Association and to begin the journey of change-making into what we want our association of today to look and feel like.

Over the past year, incredible people have joined in on the conversation about What’s Next. This includes, of course, the discussions about technology, and we recently recognized the winner of the 2018 HR TechXpo Pitch Competition. Congratulations are in order for this year’s winner, Scoutible, and watch your email inbox for announcements about the Pitch Competitions in 2019 in both San Francisco and Seattle.

I was fortunate to speak with many of the technology entrants this year and, this week, I share with you my conversation with Ganesh Iyer, Founder at Dotin, Inc. Check it out here in the CEO’s Corner.

Over the past year we have also heard loud and clear from many of you about What’s Next and where you see this process of our association’s reinvention going. To that point, here’s a sneak peek of a distillation of all that we believe about our organization:

    • Next Concept HR Association is not the stale, stodgy HR Association of years gone by.  We like to have fun and try not to take ourselves too seriously. We aren’t lobbyists either.  We believe each of us can make up our own minds on important issues like which certification is best for you. We don’t tell you how to think or vote. We’re what’s next in HR and we are proud of that.
    • Some organizations spend all their energy trying to stay the same. Not us. We know that HR professionals today demand more than the association model from the 1950’s can deliver. We don’t spend all our time defending turf and seeing the world as competition. Our focus is on the HR professional, not on beating another association. Instead we see the world as an opportunity to grow and do something different. Because the world’s different now. You know that. While people’s importance in the success of an organization hasn’t changed, the tools needed to find, nurture and manage that talent sure has. That means as an HR professional you are challenged daily to know more than yesterday’s accumulated knowledge, but importantly must know what’s coming next.
    • We understand the world’s changing. We don’t have to tell you that the world’s moving fast. You are in the eye of that storm every day. Turns out the Internet did change everything and it’s still doing it. One thing that hasn’t changed, our commitment to support you the HR professional through the fast-paced change with the power of association. We work hard to bring you the information and community you need to be better tomorrow.

Let’s stick together. We hope you enjoy our programming and continue to participate in our community. We need smart, passionate people like you. You’re go-getters, you’re curious, unafraid-of-tomorrow kind of people and we think you rock. And let’s be honest, you’re the value of the community not us. So let’s band together and develop side by side and meet the challenges of this sometimes scary world together. Together we will conquer what’s coming next!


Happy Holidays,

Greg Morton
CEO, Next Concept HR Association

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