Leave Management Challenges: FMLA or the “Friday, Monday Leave Act”

The misuse of FMLA leave threatens its integrity and undermines its intent—to provide job-protected leave for those in need, for defined periods of time. The truth is the FMLA’s impact on the American employer is significant. Contributed by Rachel Shaw HR West 2020 Speaker Excessive and fraudulent leave matters are some of the most challenging […]

Cannabis Use in the Workplace: A Sensible Legal Approach

By Rebecca Byars, MSHR and Timothy Byars, President, Radicle Health Which states have the most progressive laws regarding legal cannabis use in the workplace? You might guess California, Colorado, and Oregon. After all, California has had a legal medical cannabis program since 1996 and a legal adult-use program since 2018. Oregon and Colorado both have […]

Who Will Lead Your Workplace Investigation?

By Linh Luong Associate Attorney, Van Dermyden Maddux Law Corp* You are the head of Human Resources and you receive a complaint of sexual harassment from an employee. To whom do you assign your workplace investigation? Do you handle it in-house or bring in an external investigator? Your answers to these questions set the tone for […]