Member Spotlight: Janet Sutherby, Regional HR Manager Towne Park

The Next Concept HR Association October 2019 Member Spotlight is on… Janet Sutherby Regional HR Manager & HR Business Partner Towne Park Member Volunteer, HR West Conferences. Janet Sutherby has been an outstanding Next Concept HR Association member and a volunteer for past HR West Conferences, and we are so glad to have her within […]

Leaderful Listening

How can you master leaderful listening? By Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC* In leadership training, participants are typically told how important listening is. Yet few heed the advice. I can understand why. Often, it’s because we already think we are good listeners. But how a leader listens is more crucial than one’s listening style as a […]

Designing an Integrated Conflict Management System for HR

There is no ideal integrated conflict management system that will fit all organizations. Each organization must design a system tailored to its specific needs and culture. Each organization will, however, face certain design decisions that are central to the fairness of the system. Contributed by John Ford, Founder, HR Mediation Academy Join John for his […]