The Role of Emotion in Learning Design: Did You Feel That?

Contributed by Charlotte Hills and Carl Crisostomo It’s time to get emotional about learning. And we don’t mean feeling inspired by learning or becoming passionate about learning strategy in the corporate world – although these are certainly good things. We’re talking about using emotion in learning design. Research has shown that learners are more likely […]

Hiring Veterans: A Talent Source to Benefit Your Company

By Workforce Opportunity Services How Can Hiring Veterans Benefit Your Workplace? First and foremost, veterans possess many attributes that benefit any company, big or small, such as team-building skills, exceptional technical training, trustworthiness, and strong organizational commitment. These qualities stem from serving in strenuous and unforgiving environments. In the field, there’s no margin for error, and […]

The New Recruiting State of Mind – From Striving to Thriving!

Contributed by Magi Graziano, CEO, KeenAlignment Recruiting, in today’s business environment, is not as easy as most employers or hiring managers would like to think! The reality is that today’s worker is more disengaged than any other time in history. It could be because of the generational shift, or it could be because overall people […]