Thank God It’s Monday!

Contributed by Judy Dang, HR West 2019 Speaker. How many of us can’t wait for the weekend?  When we can finally be freed from the shackles so we can do what we really want! Relax, go out, enjoy hobbies. Work is something unpleasant we have to do before we have fun, right? Maybe not. Finding Flow by renowned psychologist Mihaly […]

Yes! You Can Have Higher Performing Employees by Adopting a Wellness-Centric Culture

Positively impact your employees and company culture on a much deeper level Contributed by Reena Vokoun October 4, 2018 It’s well documented that a corporate wellness program can impact a company’s bottom line by reducing medical costs and insurance claims. While we all know this is a strong and important possibility, having a singular wellness […]

Six Reasons to Consider Adding a College Savings Option To Your Benefits Suite

Contributed by Julio Martinez, Executive Director, ScholarShare Investment Board As an HR professional, you are probably always on the lookout for new, competitive benefits to help retain your employees and attract the best talent. With college costs exponentially rising, today’s parents are looking for the best ways to save for future higher education expenses.  To […]