New Research from NCHRA and Waggl Indicates that Increased Media Attention around High-Profile Sexual Harassment Cases May Not Make Things Easier for HR in 2018

In the newest “Voice of the Workplace” pulse, 90% say that the best way to eradicate sexual harassment in the workplace is to ensure high standards for leaders. The Next Concept HR Association (NCHRA), and Waggl, the most human way for organizations to crowdsource feedback, today released new data from their follow-up “Voice of the Workplace” pulse on […]

The Science of Engagement: Understanding the Key Drivers of Engagement

Contributed by Chris Powell, CEO of Talmetrix, and HR West 2018 Speaker You can’t manage employee engagement unless you understand what drives engagement — it’s that simple. Recently I talked with David Youssefnia, Ph.D., about the definition of engagement. He’s president and founder of Critical Metrics, and one of Talmetrix’s advisers. He had some tips on how to […]