You Can Be Your Own Futurist

By HR West 2019 Keynote Speaker, Sally Thornton, Founder + CEO, Forshay Originally posted on, February 2018. Here’s the fantastic thing about being a futurist :  Who knows if you’re wrong until much later? As much as I enjoy researching and exploring the future of work, the reality is I am looking to the future […]

Finding Dedicated Employees: The Questions You Don’t Ask–But Should!

Finding hardworking, dedicated employees is challenging. You collect resumes, perform screening interviews, and conduct in-person interviews. Still, you may sometimes feel disappointment in the candidate you hire. Nowadays, many employees simply lack staying power. Whether it’s seeing a difficult project through, or navigating those initial first few months on the job, some just aren’t able […]

Empathy and HR: The Practical Connection

One of the challenges of working in HR is the dual responsibility of enforcing policy and law along with being empathetic. By John Ford, Founder and Owner of The HR Mediation Academy and HR West 2019 Speaker* How well you balance the important and seemingly contradictory roles of having a stick and also a carrot, […]