Cannabis Use in the Workplace: A Sensible Legal Approach

By Rebecca Byars, MSHR and Timothy Byars, President, Radicle Health Which states have the most progressive laws regarding legal cannabis use in the workplace? You might guess California, Colorado, and Oregon. After all, California has had a legal medical cannabis program since 1996 and a legal adult-use program since 2018. Oregon and Colorado both have […]

Leave of Absence Mistakes California Employers Can Avoid

When an employer is confronted with a complicated leave situation or with an employee requesting a leave of absence as an accommodation, the employer should proceed with caution and consult with legal counsel before denying leave or taking any adverse employment actions. By Christine H. Long, Partner, and Department Chair, Berliner Cohen* Managing medical leave […]

Activate Inspiration as a Resource on Teams to Achieve Business Results!

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” –  Aristotle Contributed by Allison Holzer The teams we work with have the capability to lift us up, to inspire every individual on the team to heightened commitment, performance, and success. Why is this possible? And how can we capitalize on this knowledge so we […]