Why Leadership Should Couple Candor with Kindness

Contributed by Rebecca Morgan CSP, CMC – Owner, Morgan Seminar Group HR West 2020 Speaker Session: Leadership Lessons from Silicon Valley. Candor can be a wonderful gift in the workplace. In its absence, many people think they are doing well when really, they are alienating others right and left. Having consulted with HR and business […]

Unique Ways to Get Fit at Home and Work in 2020

It’s time to get serious about our all-consuming New Year resolution plans for getting fit and staying active in 2020! That is why HR West 2020 speaker, Reena Vokoun appeared recently on the Fox KTVU Morning Show to present “Unique Ways to Get Fit in 2020.”  She offered both new family and personal ideas as […]

Interviewing for a Senior-Level HR Position? 50+ Questions to Ask

Contributed by Steve Cadigan, Founder Cadigan Talent Ventures Are you interviewing for a senior-level HR position in the New Year? Over the years I have coached dozens of HR professionals around the world on a whole host of topics. I’ve also received coaching from dozens of mentors, coaches, and friends on many matters both professional […]