How to Retain Your Star Performers

** Contributed by: Ingrid Stabb, Head of Marketing, NCHRA *** It’s been well documented that employees quit managers, not companies. A recent article in Harvard Business Review, Why People Really Quit Their Jobs, extends this common wisdom to say it is the responsibility of managers to design jobs that meet employees’ critical needs. Managers have to represent HR on […]

Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

Contributed by Maureen Middleton, Next Concept HR Member. May is mental health awareness month, which makes me acutely aware of my own disability. What does that mean as an HR professional? How do you balance the concept of “Bringing Your Whole Self to Work,” with the requirements of your position? First, let’s be real. In […]

Have You Been Emotionally Hijacked at Work?

Contributed by Theresa L. Garcia, The NeuroLeadership Coach Session Speaker, The Power Hijack: How Your Brain Hijacks Your Power at Work Women in HR Leadership Conference, Friday, September 21, 2018 in San Francisco. #WomenInHR Knowledge is Power. Knowing how to short-circuit, in-the-moment, an emotional hijack that would undermine both self-confidence and presence, remaining composed and […]