Why I’m Thankful to Work in HR!

By the Namely Team – Platinum Sponsor HR West 2019 The holiday season is a time for gratitude and reflection. As we celebrate Thanksgiving this year, we asked Namely’s community of HR professionals why they’re thankful to be a part of the field. Here’s what eight industry pros had to say: I am thankful… 1. Company-Wide […]

5 Tips to Prevent Workplace Sexual Harassment

Contributed by Miller Law Group *** November 14, 2018 *** Sexual harassment in the workplace can take a serious toll on the victims, and can throw a company into turmoil – especially when the harasser is a high-level employee such as a founder or CEO.  The latest in a string of high-profile examples is Harvey […]

Thank God It’s Monday!

Contributed by Judy Dang, HR West 2019 Speaker. How many of us can’t wait for the weekend?  When we can finally be freed from the shackles so we can do what we really want! Relax, go out, enjoy hobbies. Work is something unpleasant we have to do before we have fun, right? Maybe not. Finding Flow by renowned psychologist Mihaly […]