Leadership Challenges Can Be Solved by Coaching

Contributed by Christine Tao – Co-founder and CEO, Sounding Board. There’s so much going on in today’s fast-evolving workplace, especially when you’re expected to lead a team. From setting priorities to creating a high performing team, the daily grind can sometimes overshadow what leaders should be doing, which is to motivate, inspire, and set the […]

Addressing Workplace Gossip Without Getting Sucked-In!

Follow our Employee Engagement Summer Series for tips on keeping employees engaged, focused and productive, and how to provide a great company experience! Contributed by Lorie Reichel Howe, Founder, Conversations in the Workplace I’ve heard it said that the way employees communicate can either make or break an organization. Spoken words are powerful containing the […]

The Next Concept HR Association Member Spotlight is on…. Matt Vanderwerf

Matt Vanderwerf Director of Human Resources, Northwestern Polytechnic University Events Chair, Santa Clara Regional Board, NCHRA What led you to Human Resources as a profession/How did you get into your current role? I got into the field by chance.  I took a student position at my campus HR department and fell in love with the […]