Are your Baby Boomers retiring?

Meet Gloria Dunn-Violin  — Talent Strategist & OD Consultant, Thought Leader, Keynote Speaker, and Author.  She is also the leader of the upcoming complimentary NCHRA webinar: Reframing Talent: New Strategies to Fill Job Specs.  Join us, Friday, September 7th at 12 pm to learn how to expand your reality about the potential of talent and how to redesign […]

Top 5 Global Payroll Considerations for 2019

Contributed by Blue Marble Payroll – HR TechXpo Presenter – Global payroll gets more complicated each year – GDPR changes in the EU have only added to the confusion. As more countries begin rolling out new compliance regulations, here are the top 5 things you can do to improve your global payroll operations in 2019. […]

BYOD Policies: The Pros & Cons of “Bring Your Own Device” to Work

Follow our Employee Engagement Summer Series for tips on keeping employees engaged, focused and productive, and how to provide a great company experience! Contributed by: Steven Bearak, CEO, IdentityForce The digital shift in work styles of the 21st century has intersected our personal and professional lives more than ever. We’ve never been more connected to […]